Lost in Ghent

It’s really weird but I have the ability to get lost in Ghent quite a lot. When I was younger I went to Ghent a couple of times with my family, but not enough to know the city. 

So the first time I went to Ghent on my own/with a friend, we got lost. My friend had been to Ghent before, but she has a terrible sense of orientation. She wanted to go to a specific store, but she didn’t knew exactly were it was. As a result, we were lost in Ghent.

In the end, we did find the shop and we got back to the station without trouble.

As I was thinking about this, it occurred to me this wasn’t the only time I’ve been lost in Ghent. So I decided to make a brief summary

  1. The second time I was in Ghent, my sister and I were going to a Simple Plan gig. We didn’t get lost because we printed a map.
  2. In 2012 I was going to graduate from secondary school so I visited a lot of universities and colleges. My mom and I were going to visit one school. My mom took the wrong exit and we ended up at the other side of town, luckily we had a map.
  3. In August of the same year, I had an introduction class in my new school. I knew a friend who was also following that class so we went together. We took the “tram”, got of a stop to early and we ended up in the wrong building.
  4. One of the first days at my new school, there was a strike. My uncle goes to Ghent by car everyday. I could go with him but I had to find my way to school on my own. In the end I turned left on a place where I should have gone right and I was completely lost. I was starting to panic, my brother had a class of his own, so he couldn’t pick up his phone and I couldn’t call my mom because she would start to panic too. In the end I was half an hour late for my class

I studied one semester in Ghent, and then I switched schools and now I go to Bruges everyday. Probably because I got lost in Ghent all the time.

Anonymous said:

I just read your piece and I know what you mean. I feel as well that I think to much but I think that is ok. If people read your texts, with your random ideas and they keep reading and enjoy reading it just like I did, then that is fine. Just keep doing it.


thank you 

this means a lot to me

I don’t even know if I’ll post more of these things

I think too much

It’s true, I think too much. 

Whenever I’m alone in a silent place my mind tempts to go places and think about a bunch of random things. (that’s why I listen to music a lot)

For example, while I was watching ‘the little mermaid’ last week, all I could think about was how mermaids have sex. (It’s not like they can take their tales off or something)

But that’s not my point of this ramble I’m trying to write. Another side-effect of thinking a lot is my mind making weird connections. It’s one of the reasons why I can’t write good text, ideas pop into my head and I never get to the point of what I want to say. 

Right now, I’m thinking how I screwed up my text by typing a bunch of random things, while I should write something serious. The thing is, I like the couple of sentence I’ve wrote just now. I don’t want to delete it.

So I’ll just post this piece of crap and try and write what I actually wanted to write

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ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ON YOUR LEFT


… ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ON YOUR LEFT

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+Opinion day


Lately, I’ve been feeling so so happy and then again not. You see, I have these amazing friends and some of them now have a boyfriend, which is great. But it made me question certain things. Like I’m 20 now, I’ve had one boyfriend (nothing serious, because I was like fourteen and what would I have…