in west narnia born and raisedthrough the wardrobe was where i spent most of my days
I was wearing my Captain America T-shirt today
my friend (pointing at my T-shirt) : The Avengers
me: Nope, it's actually Captain America
my friend: It's both Marvel, you like it all
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I just woke up, had a weird dream. Saturn was singing: Put a ring on it.

you know how hard it is to be me?

I am a perfectionist 

but also incredibly lazy.

sometimes I feel like a smart goldfish 

because my attention span is only half an hour

Lost in Ghent

It’s really weird but I have the ability to get lost in Ghent quite a lot. When I was younger I went to Ghent a couple of times with my family, but not enough to know the city. 

So the first time I went to Ghent on my own/with a friend, we got lost. My friend had been to Ghent before, but she has a terrible sense of orientation. She wanted to go to a specific store, but she didn’t knew exactly were it was. As a result, we were lost in Ghent.

In the end, we did find the shop and we got back to the station without trouble.

As I was thinking about this, it occurred to me this wasn’t the only time I’ve been lost in Ghent. So I decided to make a brief summary

  1. The second time I was in Ghent, my sister and I were going to a Simple Plan gig. We didn’t get lost because we printed a map.
  2. In 2012 I was going to graduate from secondary school so I visited a lot of universities and colleges. My mom and I were going to visit one school. My mom took the wrong exit and we ended up at the other side of town, luckily we had a map.
  3. In August of the same year, I had an introduction class in my new school. I knew a friend who was also following that class so we went together. We took the “tram”, got of a stop to early and we ended up in the wrong building.
  4. One of the first days at my new school, there was a strike. My uncle goes to Ghent by car everyday. I could go with him but I had to find my way to school on my own. In the end I turned left on a place where I should have gone right and I was completely lost. I was starting to panic, my brother had a class of his own, so he couldn’t pick up his phone and I couldn’t call my mom because she would start to panic too. In the end I was half an hour late for my class

I studied one semester in Ghent, and then I switched schools and now I go to Bruges everyday. Probably because I got lost in Ghent all the time.

Anonymous said:

I just read your piece and I know what you mean. I feel as well that I think to much but I think that is ok. If people read your texts, with your random ideas and they keep reading and enjoy reading it just like I did, then that is fine. Just keep doing it.


thank you 

this means a lot to me

I don’t even know if I’ll post more of these things